Saturday, January 22, 2011

AREX: New airport railway ( From Seoul Station to Incheon Airport)

How do you get to Incheon International Airport  from Seoul?
or to Seoul from Incheon International Airport ?

New airport railway opened in December, 2010.

There are two trains available.
Express Train and Commuter train.

Express Train

<Trip time>
Service Frequency : Every 30 minutes
Journey Time: 40 minutes

Commuter train

<Trip time>
Service Frequency : Every 6 minutes
Journey Time: 50 minutes


 Fare comparison by means of transportation

With the Arex Express, it only takes 43 minutes to travel from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport. Travel time from Yeongjong-do Island and other southwestern areas of Incheon to downtown Seoul will be reduced to 40~50 minutes.

The other advantage of the railroad is that it's cheaper than any other transportations.

  • Fare

Express Train

Commuter Train


  • Timetable

Airline check-in , baggage handling and immigration services for departing passengers are provided at the city airport terminal within Seoul Station.

<Korail Airport Railroad Seoul Station & Terminal information>
           Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Jeju Air Only
  • -Location: Korail Airport Railroad Seoul Station B2
  • -Business Hours: 05:20~19:00
  • -Check-in Close Time: 3 hours prior to flight departure
 After Business hours or Check-In close time, Check-In at the Incheon International Airport.


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  2. Hi, I want to give you new information about express train in Korea. Now, fare is 8,000won not 13,300won and there are some packages such as combined express train and international taxi or express train and T-money card too. Check this out when you are visiting to Korea next time. Thank you.