Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mullae Creation Village (문래예술공단)

When it comes to art, many people think of Hongdae first. But here's an another wonderful place which is full of artistic spirit and stories..

Mullae-dong is Seoul's representative industrial complex. It was formed in 1919. Around one thousand factories including manufacturers related with iron products, service centers for vehicles and other industires were built until the 1980s.

But since then, factories began to leave the area due to the government's new policyy relocating workshops to other regions. And that's when artists who were looking for studios with low rental fees and a guaranteed life for their creative activities gathered and moved inot the area.

In the beginning, the artists and the workers in the steel factories didn't get along well. But they became close neighbors as they began to appreciate each others' work.

But the venue was in poor condition so the Seoul City government established Seoul Art Space in the Mullae Creation Village.

Seoul Art Space-MULLAE was opened in Mullae-dong on January 28th, 2010. Seoul Art Space- MULLAE is set up to support the activities of the artists staying in the Mullae creation village. It is equipped with various facilities to support creation and presentation activities, including joint studios, multi-purpose presentation hall, exhibition room, recording room, seminar room and hostel.

Direction: Subway Line2 Mullae station Exit 7

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