Saturday, December 24, 2011

Busan Tteokbokki..

I was born and raised in Seoul so every 떡볶이/tteokbokki/ I've eaten in Seoul is made of small sized 떡/tteok/ which is enough to eat in one bite.. but Busan 떡볶이 is different..

As you can see in the pictures above Busan tteokbokki looks really spicy and the tteok is so huge that you need a scissors to cut it into a smaller size..
By the way, the  scissors are really clean.. They are used only for cooking..

One thing you need to try together with Busan tteokbokki is Busan Odeng..

Basically, odeng is seasoned fish paste that has been formed into cakes or strips and then cooked. These are then mostly threaded onto wooden skewers for serving. The paste itself is made by kneading the fish purée with starch, rice flour or regular flour, sugar, salt and rice wine.

ActuaIly Odeng is pretty much available everywhere you go, including malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and even 5-star hotels.
Then, what's so special about Busan Odeng?

Busan Odeng contains more fish than other Odeng you can see in other cities in Korea..
Don't get caught if you see a sign that says they sell Busan Odeng in Seoul..They still  taste different from the ones in Busan..

Plus, Odeng first became popular during the Japanese occupation of Korea, and Busan was the center of this fad since it's a port city.

Why don't you try them in Busan??

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