Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daegwallyeong Snow Flower Festival

  • When: 13.Jan.2012~21.Jan.2011
  • Where: Daegwallyeong, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do

The Daegwallyeong Snow Flower Festival is a traditional Korean winter festival that offers tourists as well as local residents a chance to enjoy the unique winter events made possible by the heavy snowfall in this area. The area is located at a high altitude (700 meters above the sea level) and experiences a broad range of temperatures. Due to these characteristics, winter brings great scenery to this area. Festivalgoers can see and experience a winter landscape particular to this region. Various events are held, including celebratory concerts and activities such as hunting, sledding and football on the ice. Other special events include an ice carving contest, car racing on snow, a nude marathon, a singing contest, a photo contest, a barbeque party in the street and an event where participants can bake and eat potatoes.

  • Where to stay

      Local Extension Number :+82-33

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