Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Tea Good For Colds

As the weather gets colder, many people are suffering from a cold..
If you got a cold, why don’t you drink hot tea to get over it?
There’s a lot of tea good for colds

<Lemon tea 레몬차 >

Lemon is nature's antiseptic so lemon tea is good for helping prevent infections and disease. Also it helps stave off the common cold.

<Citron tea 유자차>

Citron Tea is known as Korean traditional tea used for hundreds of years. Citron contains three times more natural vitamin C (240mg/100g) than lemon, ten times more than apple. 

<Ginger tea 생강차>

Ginger tea is also a very good remedy for flu, cold, headaches and sore throat

<대추차Jujube tea>

Jujube is rich in vitamins A,C, protein and potassuim all known to support the immune system so if you drink it when you have a cold it helps a lot..


  1. Ginger tea is really very good but have not tried
    Jujube tea.I should look for that on my next trip to Asian supermarket..

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