Monday, December 12, 2011

K-pop / Trouble Maker by Hyuna & Hyunseung

 One of the hip songs in Korea recently is "Touble Maker"
It's sung by " Hyuna" and "Hyunseung"

  • Name: Hyuna Kim
  • Born: June.6.1992
  • Occupation: Singer of 4Minute


  • Name: Hyunseung Jang
  • Born: September. 3.1989
  • Occupation: Singer of Beast


 This song is really catchy so once you listen to it you can't get it out of your mind..
 But this isn't the only reason why young people like it these days..
 Their performance is so sexy that it became a big issue in Korea.

Here's their music video..Why don't you check it out??


니 눈을 보면 난 Trouble Maker
(When I look into your eyes, I'm a Trouble Maker)
니 곁에 서면 난 Trouble Maker
(When I stand by you, I'm a trouble maker)
조금씩 더 더 더
(little by little, more more more)
갈수록 더 더 더
(As we go on, more more more)
이젠 내 맘을 나도 어쩔 수 없어.
(Now even  I can't stop my heart )

**니가 나를 잊지 못하게
(to make you not to forget me)
자꾸 니 앞에서 또 니 맘 자꾸 내가 흔들어
(I keep shaking your heart in front of you)
벗어날 수 없도록 니 입술을 또 훔치고 멀리 달아나버려
(I steal your lips and run far away so that you won't be able to escape from me)
난 Trou a a a ble!
(I'm a Trou a a a ble!)
Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!

니 맘을 깨물고 도망칠 거야 고양이처럼
(I'll hurt your heart and run away like a cat)
넌 자꾸 안달이 날 거야
(then you'll be impatient)
내 앞으로 와 어서 화내보렴
(come to me and show me your anger)
내 섹시한 걸음
(My sexy walk)
니 머리 속에 발동을 거는 은근한 스킨십
(and the slight skinship that arouse your desire)
얼굴에 비친 못 참아 죽겠단 니 눈빛
(Your eyes on your face say you can't help it)
갈수록 깊이 더 빠져들어
(As we go on, you'll fall even deeper)
알수록 니가 더 맘에 들어 Baby
(The more I get to know you the more I like you baby)
아무래도 니 생각에 취했나봐 Lady
(maybe I'm so into you Lady)
I never never never stop!


어떻게 널 내 맘에 담아둘 수 있는지 (Trouble Maker)
(How can I keep you in my heart Trouble Maker )
그냥 내 맘이 가는대로 이젠
(I'll just follow my heart from now on)
I never never stop!
멈출 수 없어
(I can't stop)


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