Friday, December 30, 2011

K-Pop / "You and I(너랑나) by IU(아이유)

IU is one of the popular K-Pop singers who recently played a role in a famous Korean drama series called "Dream High"..
She debuted with her first mini-album ,"Lost and Found" on Sep. 18.2008. At that time, this album wasn't commercially successful but when she came up again with  her very first full album, " Growing up", she became all guys' favorite 동생(/dongseng/-it means younger sister or brother in Korean and a person who is younger than me also called dongseng).

She also sang "잔소리(/jansori/ Nagging) with 2AM's member, Seulong on June 27.2010 and won her first award since her debut. 

One song that made her a real top star is "좋은날(/joeunnal/ Good day). She received a lot of awards from different music TV programs and this song was named as the number one song of the first quarter by Soribada which is an online music service.

  • Name: IU (birth name: Ji-eun Lee)
  • Born: May.16.1993
  • Website:

This is her new song ," You and I" 


시곌 보며 속삭이는 비밀들
Whispering secrets as I watch the clock

간절한 내 맘속 이야기
A true desire from my heart

지금 내 모습을 해쳐도 좋아
It’s okay if the image of me right now ruins.
나를 재촉하면 할수록 좋아
It’ll be better the more and more you rush me.

내 이름 불러줘
Please call  my name.

손 틈새로 비치는 내 맘 들킬까 두려워
I’m afraid you will notice how I feel about you that might be seen in 
the space between your hands

가슴이 막 벅차 서러워
My heart is so full that  I'm a little bit sad.
조금만 꼭 참고 날 기다려줘
Please be patient and wait for me.
너랑 나랑은 지금 안되지
You and I can’t be right at this moment.

시계를 더 보채고 싶지만
I want to whine at the clock more.
네가 있던 미래에서 내 이름을 불러줘
Call my name out at the future you were in.

내가 먼저 엿보고 온 시간들
The times I have already taken a look at.

너와 내가 함께였었지
You and I were together.

나랑 놀아주는 그대가 좋아
I like you who hang with me.
내가 물어보면 그대도 좋아
And if I ask you,you like me too.
내 이름이 뭐야
What is my name.?

눈 깜박하면 어른이 될 거에요
I will be an adult in a blink of an eye.
날 알아보겠죠 그댄 기억하겠죠
You will recognize me and you will remember me.
그래 기묘했던 아이 손 틈새로 비치는 네 모습 참 좋다
I like how I can see you through the space between my hands.
손끝으로 돌리며 시곗바늘아 달려봐 조금만 더 빨리 날아봐
Turning the time with the tips of my fingers, wishing it will move faster.
두 눈을 꼭 감고 마법을 건다
I am closing my eyes and making a spell.

너랑 나랑은 조금 남았지
You and I have some time left.
몇 날 몇실진 모르겠지만
Not sure when it will be exactly.
네가 있을 미래에서 혹시 내가 헤맨다면
If I am wandering around in the future you are in.
너를 알아볼 수 있게 내 이름을 불러줘
Call out my name so I can recognize it is you.

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