Saturday, December 17, 2011

Korean food - Spicy Galbijjim(매운 갈비찜)

Do you love spicy foods?
I actually can't eat spicy foods very well but whenever I feel so down I try to eat spicy foods because chili peppers boost the level of endorphins and serotonin that dull pain and give us a feeling of well being. They can act as a depression fighter and powerful stress reliever.
I'd like to introduce one of the spicy foods in Korea
That is spicy Galbijjim(매운 갈비찜) steamed dish made with galbi (갈비, short rib). Jjim is a popular cooking method that simmers or braises seasoned ingredients with water.

Galbijjim is usually made from only the center part of ribs of beef while the rib ends used to make soup stock, galbi was more expensive than other cuts of beef in South Korea and regarded as a high-class dish.

This is a typical Korean dish nowardays, loved by people of all ages.

One of the best spicy Galbijjim restaurants in Seoul is 매운대/maeundae/ in Apgujeong..

  • Address: 655-4 Sinsadong Gangnamgu Seoul
  • Phone number: 02) 584-1600
  • Directions : Apgujeong station(압구정, line 3), exit 3 ->pass by Shingu middle school(신구중학교) ->It's next to the Frypan 

  • Price: 갈비찜(galbijjim) : 12,000 won (1 portion)
You can choose 3 different levels of its spicy taste
  • 기본 매운맛-Level 1/ the least spicy
  • 더 매운 맛-Level 2/ spicier than level 1
  • 완전 매운 맛 -Level 3/ super spicy

If you can't eat spicy foods very well , try to eat Galbijjim with steamed eggs(계란찜-5,000won) or Nurungji tang(누룽지탕/soup with a thin crust of scorched rice -2,000won) 

                                                            <Steamed eggs>

                                                                 <Nurungji tang>

After eating Galbijjim you can also eat fried rice with cheese. This is the best part of if!!

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