Thursday, December 15, 2011

Korean Movie/Horror romantic comedy, "Chilling Romance-오싹한 연애"

The new movie, "Chilling Romance" is topping the chart..

The star power of a  leading lady Yejin Son and new kid on the block Minki Lee make this movie an entertaining date movie.

  • Name: Yejin Son
  • Born: 11.January.1981
  • She has done a lot of different characters onscreen from playing the flirtatious femme to tragic drama queen

  • Name: Minki Lee
  • Born: 16.January.1985
  • He became so popular after he acted in a  blockbuster, " Haeundae " and recently he played a leading role in "Quick".

Yejin Son played "Yeori" who lives a pitiful lonely life. Even her family has moved abroad to be away from her  because she is not only able to see ghosts but causes them to haunt  around her. Dating is naturally off limits and her only social life entails occasionally calling her best friend, whom she hasn't seen in the 10 years since acquiring her special skills.

"Jogu" played by Minki Lee is a free-spirited magician. While pulling off some tricks on the street, he notices Yeori's haunted aura and is inspired to launch a horror magic show. Their business partnership proves to be a huge hit, but Jogu can't stop wondering why Yeori insists on being so antisocial.

Jogu soon finds out her abilities , and takes pity on  her barren love life. While trying to set up dates for Yeori, he ends up falling for her. 

But as he begins to experience one freak accident after another, he must decide whether or not he can fully accept the conditions of loving her like becoming used to interacting with the dead.

"Chilling Romance" inventively introduces elements of horror to the typical romantic comedy, presenting frightful apparitions as hurdles the couple must overcome. The spooks and even the somewhat crude jokes go well unexpectedly in the film..

CGV offers this movie with English subtitles in some branches..
Here's the list

  • Kangnam CGV->11:20 24:20 25:50 (01:50 a.m.)
  • Guro CGV->12:20  23:30 24:25
  • Yongsan CGV-> 12:15 14:45 25:00(01:00 a.m.)
  • Myeongdong station CGV-> 08:30 10:55 24:40


  1. i love this movie so much eventhought i cant understand what thier saying

  2. hey my name is KING ENZO im from philippines ... i love this movie so much it make me laught it make me cry and most of all i fall inlove with Yejin Son because she is so CUTE in this movie ... Yejin Son i hope ill see you soon ^_^ im your biggest FAN ...