Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's learn Korean (Word) 1. Numbers (숫자)

**Koreans use 2 different sets of numbers, depending on the situation
       ->Korean numbers and Chinese numbers. 

1. Korean numbers(Pure)
               -Use the Korean forms for the number of items(counting) , age and time..

  • One-하나/hana/(한/han/)
  • Two-둘/dul/(두/du/)
  • Three-셋 /set/(세/se/)
  • Four-넷/net/(네/ne/)
  • Five-다섯/daseot/
  • Six-여섯/yeoseot/
  • Seven-일곱/ilgop/
  • Eight-여덟/yeodeol/
  • Nine-아홉/ahop/
  • Ten-열/yeol/

There are two different forms of one, two, three and four in Korean numbers..
We use the second one which is in a parenthesis when we use numbers
with other words like 개/gae/ (when we count items we use it and it means piece) ,
살/sal/(When we say age we use it together and it means "-years old"),
시/si/ (When we say time we use it and it means O'clock) and so on..

    Ex)The number of items: , , , , 다섯 ..(-piece/item)
       Age: , , ,.., (-years old)
       Time: 8:00 여덟 ( -O'clock),..

but if you simply count without using  개/gae/ then use the first form..
->하나, 둘, 셋 , 넷,...

2. Chinese numbers(Sino)

        . -Use the Chinese forms for dates, money, addresses, phone numbers and numbers above 100.
  •  One: 일/il/
  • Two: 이/e/
  • Three: 삼/sam/
  • Four: 사/sa/
  • Five: 오/o/
  • Six: 육/yook/
  • Seven:칠/chil/
  • Eight: 팔/pal/
  • Nine: 구/gu/
  • Ten: 십/sip/

  Ex) Date: May, 7-> 
                               (월/wol/-month) (일/il/-day)

       Money: , , ,...(원/won/-won)


  1. Hi! I'm Korean living in Michigan now.
    leaving comment to tell you exception when you say month!
    june is 유월 not 육월,and october is 시월 not 십월.
    Interesting to look at your postings.
    Reminds me of old days in Seoul.
    nice to see your blog.

  2. @Mia: Thank you so much for visiting my blog and yeah you're right..We say 유월 and 시월..I have to post it soon..I hope you'll enjoy your day!!^^