Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One of the best street foods in Winter season -Hotteok

<Hotteok is made on a greased griddle but it's not oily..>

When I was passing by some Hotteok stall near my house this afternoon,
I couldn't just go on my way because of its delicious smell.
I had to stop and buy one for myself..

<The white ones are Hotteok doughs filled with brown sugar>

Hotteok(호떡) is a kind of Korean pancake filled with sweet brown sugar.
It doesn't look very special but making it is quite interesting.
As you can see in the picture above, the dough filled with sugar is placed on a greased griddle and then pressed flat into a large circle with a special tool.

Hotteok filled with sweet brown sugar is the most common one.
You can see it almost everywhere.
There're also different kinds of Hotteoks.

<Green tea Hotteok>

This is green tea Hotteok.
Its color is light green like green tea because its dough is made of 
green tea but what's inside is just the same as other ordinary Hotteoks.


This one is called Gonggalbbang.
It looks really big but what discourages us is that it's hollow inside.
Of course, it's also filled with brown sugar but very little..
That's why it's called Gonggalbbang which literally means bullshit bread.
One of the biggest differences from other Hotteoks is that it's not cooked 
on a greased griddle.
So if you are on a diet, it'll be a better snack for you.

<vegetable Hotteok-야채호떡>

This one is one of my favorite. It's not filled with brown sugar but some
vegetables and noodles.
It tastes like fried Mandu(만두-Korean dumpling stuffed with vegetables and minced pork)

 <Ssiat Hotteok-씨앗호떡>

The best Hotteok I've had is the one in Busan..Unlike other Hotteoks, 
Busan Hotteok is filled with a lot of different kinds of seeds that are good for health.
Its name is Ssiat hotteok(씨앗호떡). 씨앗(/ssiat/) means seed in Korean.

Which one do you like the most??

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