Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ride Reservation Service/Magic Pass in Lotte World

One thing that pisses me off often times when I go to an amusement park is that I have to wait too much time to enjoy popular attractions..

But if you use a magic pass service which is a ride reservation service in Lotte World  no need to wait for a long time..

The ride reservation service applies only to those holding valid passport and big 5 tickets, as well as annual members.

**Available attractions

  • Adventure
Adventure of Sindbad, The Conquistador, Flume Ride, French Revolution, Jungle Adventure, Pharaoh's Fury
  • Magic Island
 Comet Express, Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing, Atlantis

**How to make a reservation

1. Insert your ticket into the reservation machine located in front of the attraction

2. Face your ticket upwards and scan.

Annual members may scan their barcode located at the lower hand window where "Annual Member Card" is written.

3. Receive Magic Pass reservation ticket

4. Return to the ride reservation line at the designated time

Through this, you can skip the long lines to ride your favorite rides..

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