Monday, January 9, 2012


Are you on a diet but craving for pork..??
Then Bossam is such a perfect choice for you..
Bossam is steamed pork that is wrapped in a leaf vegetable such as red lettuce , sesame leaf and so on..


Since it's steamed , it's a low calorie food..
The most important thing in Bossam is Kimchi..We call it Bossam Kimchi..

This kimchi is made by wrapping various ingredients so it can't be stored for a long time..
For that reason, it tastes very different from other fermented kimchis..Not sour but a little bit sweet. Bossam kimchi is quite beautiful in flavor and appearance. The crisp texture of the kimchi that appears as the wrapping is peeled away is enough to make one’s mouth water..

 How to eat!!

It really depends on your preference though this is how most Korea eat..

First, put the lettuce on one hand and then add the steamed pork and kimchi, garlic, hot pepper and ssamjang sauce..After that , just wrap the lettuce and eat it..

By the way Ssamjang is a kind of a mixture of Doenjang (Bean paste) and Gochujang(Hot pepper paste) with some sesame oil, onion, garlic and green onions..
so it's very tasty and not that hot .

Koreans also like to eat it with Saeujeot which is pickled fermented shrimps..

Why don't you try some today..??*^^*

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