Friday, January 13, 2012

Food- Juk(죽)/What to eat when you are sick!!

<야채죽/vegetable Juk>

What do you usually eat when you are sick?
Koreans usually eat 죽/juk/ when somebody feels sick or gets an operation becuase it's easy to digest. 

                                                              <닭죽/chicken Juk>

죽/juk/ is a thick sticky food made from mainly rice cooked in water and there are so many different kinds of 죽/juk/ with different ingridients like nuts, grains, seafood, vegetables, beef , chicken and so on.. 

                                                              <전복죽/abalone Juk>
죽/juk/ can also bring back your taste when you do not feel like eating anything..

                                                              <호박 죽/pumpkin Juk>

One of the best Juk restaurant is Bon Juk(본죽)

It has a lot of branches in all around Korea..They offer various kinds of Juk at a pretty good price..

If you are sick why don't you try to eat some Juk ??

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