Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Food- Real taste of Jokbal/ Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street

As you know, Koreans eat a lot of pigs. They even eat pigs' trotters..Some might think that they are disgusting but the taste is much greater than you expect..
Pigs' trotters are called Jokbal in Korean..

To make Jokbal, pigs' trotters are cooked for a long time in a mixture of water, soy sauce,sugar, leeks, garlic, ginger and rice wine..

After that, they are thinly sliced and served in the form of a dish which looks better to eat..

If you go to Jangchung Gymnasium, you can find a collection of Jokbal restaurants near the gymnasium..

Most restaurants there compete with each other with claims of  long histories and of being the 'original real deal'

 But nobody really knows which one has the longest history and is original..

One of the best ways to enjoy Jokbal is to wrap one slice of Jokbal in lettuce leaf with ssamjang sauce (a mixture of bean paste and hot pepper paste with some other things) 

If you add sliced raw garlic, it tastes deeper although you'll smell bad after eating it..

The most common way to eat Jokbal is to dip it in fermented shrimp sauce which is called Saeujeot in Korean..

Soju goes really well with Jokbal..

**How to get there!!

Dongguk University Station(동국대, Line3) exit 3
-> Head straight down the road for half a minute..

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