Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Humor-Five Step Change of Most Korean Women

I found this when I surfed the internet last year..
As soon as I saw it I laughed a lot because it's so true..
It's a five step change that most Korean women do when they go out..
It differs according to where they go..

Step 1.
When she goes out to throw the garbage away
( 1 minute away from home)

Step 2.
When she goes to a convenient store or DVD rental store which is only 5 to 10 minute away from home.

When she goes somewhere over 1km away from home like a library, a school and so on..Finally, she's got bangs

When she goes downtown she wears contacts and puts some make-up..

The last step..
When she has a date with a guy she's interested in..
It takes over an hour to get ready.. 

Don't be fooled by women's outer beauty..
It's not their real look..

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