Friday, January 13, 2012

Learning Korean (Words) 3. How to say when you go shopping

Today, we'll learn how to say when you go shopping..
First of all, let's take a look at the following shopping list

1. Shopping List

                  가방 /bag                                 지갑/wallet                  

          벨트/belt                              구두/dress shoes
       손목시계/watch                 안경/glasses

청바지/jeans                             운동화/shoes

       치마/skirt                    티셔츠/t-shirt               

     바지/pants            머리끈/ hair band

2. How to say

- How much is this? 
-  It's expensive. 
- It's cheap 

  •     expensive:비싸다(verb) 비싼(adjective), 
  •     cheap: 싸다(verb)(adjective)

** Do you have~? ~있어요?

-Do you have this in my size?
         이거 제 사이즈 있어요? 
           (this-이거, that-저거)

-Do you have this in size 55
         이거 55사이즈 있어요?

-Do you have red t-shirt
         빨간색 티셔츠 있어요?

different(another) size다른 사이즈
-Do you have an another size? 다른 사이즈 있어요?
-Do you have a different color? 다른 색깔 있어요?

**I need ~. ~() 필요해요.

  is used for words without a final consonant and
  for words with a final consonant.
   ex) I need jeans. 청바지 필요해요. / I need glasses. 안경 필요해요.

3. Useful expressions

**-OK, I'll take it. 
        이걸로 살께요.
    -Can I try it on? 
         입어봐도 되요? (clothes)
        / 신어봐도 되요?(shoes)

         wear ->입다(for clothes)   / 신다(for shoes)

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