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Place-Old histories remain /Gangwhado, Seokmodo

Ganghwado, incorporated into Incheon metropolitan city from Gyounggido province in 1995, has been recognized as preserved most important history of Korean peninsula from the prehistoric age to modern times.
Relics and remains of prehistoric age, old stone age and new stone age were found of their various vestiges in Jangjeongni, Sagiri, Dongmagni and others respectively in the symbolic huge stone relics of bronze age, more than 80 dolmens were discovered in the vicinity of Bugeunni and neighbouring area, of which giant tombs revealed the existence of inhabitant there.

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I went to Ganghwado last week..
It's really easy to get there..
If you go to Shinchon station(신촌,line2) exit 1 and walk straight , you can find a bus stop where you can take a bus # 3000 that goes to Ganghwa bus terminal..(2,000 won)
It takes about 1hour and 50minutes..


I took a bus that goes to Oepo-ri at the terminal to go to Seokmo Island(석모도)..
While I was on the way to the wharf, I could see quiet and cozy country sceneries..

There's a tourist information center near the wharf so you can get a map and help..
The fee costs only 2000won for a round trip..

Seokmo island is a habitat of blackfaced spoonbills so as soon as the boat left the wharf, a lot of the birds came toward the boat..
I was overwhelmed and scared a little bit but soon realized that it was because of snacks that people gave them..

The birds didn't fear people..

One thing that you should try there is Haemul Kalguksu(해물 칼국수,seafood noodles)
It is cheap and has a huge portion of seafood ..

These are fried shrimps..The shrimp doesn't look the same as the one we use when we cook but looks more like the one in a fermented shrimp sauce called seujeot(새우젓)..This is a chunk of the little shrimps and the taste is pretty good a little bit fishy though..


This is a bus goes to Bomun temple..
This temple is known as one of Korea's three holy sites of Bodhisattva..
(Address: 629-1 Maeeum-ri, Samsan-myeon)

There are stone chambers where Buddhist statues are enshrined and seated Buddha image carved on the rock surface..

These stairs are to see the seated buddha image carved on the rock surface..

If you go up, you can see a lot of wish bottles that people put a piece of paper with their wishes..

It's quite high so you can see the whole temple on the top..


This image is on the mid-slope of Mt. Naksan and was carved in 1928.
It wears a huge bogwan(crown), holds a Jeongbyeong(bottle) and sits on a Yeonghwadae( Lotus flower altar) in the image..  

People go there and bow down to the image and pray..

Some people place their coins on statues around the image to wish something..

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