Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's up Korea -Pajeon event (Let's be friends!!)

How do you make friends..??
Do you go to clubs..?? or Do you chat online..??
What's up Korea is a group that aims to make healthy culture for everyone who is interested in Korea and loves Korea..

Last saturday..
What's up Korea members gathered together in Hoegi..
We went to one favorite restaurant which is well known for Pajeon there..

What's so special about this Pajeon..??
It's a lot thicker than ordinary Pajeons you can find in other restaurants and its skin is so crunchy that you can't help eating it.. 

and you can also enjoy other tasty foods at very low prices..

One thing that's really good about What's up Korea's events is that you can also enjoy them with your children..

On that day, a 7-year-old boy, Youbin came with his mom..
He was indeed very shy at first but then soon he got really excited to talk with kind and good people..He even learned a lot of English..  

It's easy to meet people but it's so difficult to make good friends..

While we were eating, the host of this event, the founder and the owner of What's up Korea gave 5 questions and gave the cute key chains in the picture above to those who answered them right..

It's a small gift though everyone who got it was so happy..

We are all different and from different countries but we can be good friends if we open our hearts 

Everyone is welcome to join What's up Korea!!

**This event was sponsored by an online shopping mall, "This girl"

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**Anyone who wants to support or sponsor this group contact "Hyejin Lee" at

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