Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food-Dramatic change of Tteokbokki /"Spicy pepper" in Hongdae

I really love Tteokbokki ,the spicy dish of tube-shaped rice cakes..
This is my all time favorite Korean food..
and I'm the one who thinks that Tteokbokki should be red and spicy..


But you know what??
When I went to Hongdae last Saturday I found a really interesting Tteokbokki restaurant..
Most of the time, Tteokbokki is found in food stalls around Korea..

However, this restaurant called "Spicy Pepper" looks more like a coffee shop.. I mean it looks so modern and pretty that it doesn't look like ordinary Tteokbokki restaurants..

and they sell a special dish called "Carbonara Tteokbokki.." 
If you eat Carbonara Spaghetti in an ordinary Italian restaurant in Korea it costs around 8,000 won or more than that..
This Tteokbokki costs only 6, 500 won and the portion of it is enough to fill your stomach.

The sauce is so delicious and goes really well with the tube-shaped cakes..
They also sells spicy Tteokbokki and different kinds of fried stuff

One thing that you should definitely try there is Wanggeumari(왕금말이).

This one is a big version of Gimmari which is a spring roll in dried laver (김/gim/ in Korean)..

If you dip it into the spicy tteokbokki sauce it tastes so good.. not oily at all..
They also sell other foods as well.. They all look so tasty and good..

"Spicy Pepper"
  • Address: 101 ho 358-49 Seogyodong Mapogu Seoul
  • Phone number: 070-4117-9639

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