Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Massacre of St. Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time there was a day that was like no other. It was a special day filled with wide-eyed wonder. In the air one could hear special, discreet giggling as two people exchanged shy kisses, some of which were made of chocolate.

 A shy boy would offer a shy girl a rose and shyly the shy girl would accept the rose and the boy would blush the blush of roses that are never shy. It was a day of warm fuzzies and mushy goodness that leave little kids standing eyes wide open and mystified by the romance of it all.

In America, men are buying tons of roses and pounds of chocolate to share with their girlfriends and wives. In South Korea, the tradition is for women to buy the men of their affection a gift. In March, assuming the couple is still together, the men will by the ladies a gift. In April, for those who gave or received nothing, the love-starved singles will gather together and celebrate the feast of the brown noodles. 

<black noodles-짜장면>

When I was a child in third grade, the arts and crafts we worked on in class involved clouds and child-like angels carrying bows and arrows. One who is in love has their  head in the clouds, feeling light and gay with the feelings of love. The child-like angels packing heat were representative of the Greek god Eros, who is better known by the Roman name Cupid. With bow in hand Cupid stalks his prey, the single man staring at a pretty girl with whom he does not stand a chance. Cupid fires, hits his target, and the man falls head over heels in love with a woman dating someone making twice as much money and driving a sexier car than the poor, lovestruck schlump who is left hanging his head in bitter disappointment at having no one to take to dinner and a movie on Feb. 14.

For many singles who complain that “all the good ones are taken,” St. Valentine’s Day has become a day of anger, bitterness, indifference, jealousy and sadness. “Gah! I’m still single,” they lament. The bitterness for some turns to shame at not having a significant other, while indifference refreezes a broken heart in others. If all things were fair and right with the world, bitter, angry singles would stalk Cupid with more than a cheap bow and arrow. 

I will be single again on Valentine’s Day. It will be just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, going back a lot of years. Yes, there is one I am interested in, and I have sent her a Valentine’s Day card through 123 Greetings.

                                                    (->click it to go to the site)

No, I do not expect a card in return from her. Just knowing that she read it is enough for me to get by. 

While I am single, I must say that I am somewhat saddened by the way St.Valentine’s Day has been massacred by the hard feelings of other cynical singles, some who hurt more than I do. It should be a day to celebrate love, whether it be the romantic love between couples (erotic love, named so by the Greeks after Eros), or the brotherly love between friends and family (philos, or brotherly love), or the agape love, or sacrificial love, that is seemingly scarce in our world today. In a more innocent age love was more than just sex. As love and sex have become more synonymous, the more damage done to Valentine’s day. 

Some people are tired of the hug and the kiss. The anger is that more is desired and more is denied. Take that at face value, for this is a family-oriented website and little kids  may have questions that are not my responsibility to answer. 

If St. Valentine’s Day is going to be a major downer for you, I have some suggestions for you. No guarantees that they will work, but you should still have some fun if you at least try one of them. 

First, rent a movie that is not romantic in nature. I suggest anything produced by Mel Brooks. Young Frankenstein would be a good place to start. Maybe.

Second, go to a gun range and blow $100 on ammunition. Use pictures of child-like angels packing bows and arrows as your target. Give Cupid a taste of his own medicine using weaponry that truly express the way you feel. 

Third, buy dinner for a romantic couple that actually inspires you, who have the kind of relationship that you honestly seek to have with someone. Thank them for being an inspiration to you. 

Fourth, realize that Valentine’s Day does not have to be depressing. It should not matter if you are single. There are a lot of people out there who got involved in romantic relationships with the wrong people and they paid a price for it. Be thankful  that you didn’t experience such things.

St. Valentine’s Day is often remembered for the infamous gangster hit in Chicago in the late 1920s. More and more this time of year is beat down and smacked around. It doesn’t have to be that way.
It isn’t too late to make this year’s celebration of love something worth remembering.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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