Friday, February 3, 2012

Place-Seoul Zoo

When it comes to zoo we usually think that it's a place for children..
but..if you go to Seoul zoo you'll fall in love with the beautiful winter sceneries there..

Last Tuesday.. it snowed a lot in Korea so when I visited Seoul zoo last wednesday every place was covered with snow..

It's really easy to get there by subway..

just go to Seoul Grand Park station (서울대공원,line4) exit 2, then you can find a main building of Seoul grand park..

and there's a map of the park so you can find a way to the zoo very easily..

If you don't want to walk you can take either a sky lift or an elephant train to the zoo but since it's cold winter taking a lift will be super cold..When I was there I saw some teenagers taking the lift and they were shivering.. 
The sky lift is really good if the weather isn't so cold because you can get a perspective of the whole area of the park 

This is the very first thing you can see at the zoo entrance..
The entrance fee is only 3,000won..

There's an African craft exhibition called "Jambo"

It's very small and you can see only a few craftworks but it's enough to feel African spirit..

Unfortunately, we can't see a lot of animals outside due to the cold weather..

I really love giraffes but I couldn't see them either..

You can see some other animals in indoor exhibit rooms..
I found a very interesting animal on that day..
Its name is naked mole rat..

There's also a forest bathing area near the zoo so you can see beautiful sceneries that make you feel cozy..

Seoul Zoo is pretty huge..For me it took about 3hours to look around the whole zoo..

My favorite part was an artificial nursery for baby animals

Tigers and lions are very scary but as babies they looked so cute..

                                                (->for more detailed information, check this site)

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