Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Drama," The King Two Hearts"

MBC's new drama, "The king ,two hearts" starring Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi is topping the chart..

This drama was a hot issue even before it was on the air because of its interesting synopsis..

Lee Jae-ha( Lee Seung-gi) is not just a man but a prince of South Korea..
Not only has he had all the glory of royal family and polish humor with a good-looking face but also a character of dreadfully materialistic person.

He is the cunning man to play the fox, self-ambitious, fairly truthful and always hold grudges all the time. Despite he hoped not to marry but to date and cling to a palace.

After military service he just wants to enjoy his life but he's forced to join the world officer championship with North Korean soldiers..

He really doesn't want to do that so tries to avoid it..

Kim Hang-ah( Ha Ji-won) is the first legend as a drill sergeant coaches the elite and special force. Ashamed as a woman, she never had been in any relationship with men until the age of 30 although she is the best soldier, who got all the abilities of training, strength, and strategy.

She was suggested to participate in world officer championship to get over with a single life. She took a chance but the the prince, Lee Jae-ha bothers her a lot..

Nobody knows how this drama will go since only 2 episodes were released but everyone expects that the number one lazybones prince from South Korea and the strongest female soldier from North Korea show us fall in love with each other after many complications and struggles..

** The highlight of "The king two hearts"


  1. I'm already addicted to this drama. I love the story line and introducing North Korean culture into a drama. Can't wait for episode 3!